Solutions for the Demands of Companies from All Industries Gazi chiller is the first company that comes to mind in the production and technical support of Air Conditioners and Industrial Process Chillers.

We analyze and implement the environmental factors and effects of the chillers and auxiliary equipment that we design and produce.

Thanks to the training programs we provide to our staff to increase environmental awareness, we take action towards the effective use of recycling products, the storage of chemical wastes, and the efficient use of natural resources.

Because of the climate change that has been on our agenda recently, we have been minimizing our ozone emissions. We have been taking steps to reduce our impact to zero.

With the chiller system, you will be able to process more raw materials and waste less, thanks to maximum recovery.

On this website, you will find cooling equipment that will increase the efficiency and product quality of systems in the plastics industry (injection, extruder, blow molding, shoe sole machines, etc.), chemical industry, textile industry, and all other industries using cooling water, thanks to the warranty of GAZI SOGUTMA SANAYI.